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Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and poet Max Lockwood has a sound rooted in songcraft and heartfelt lyricism. His music is a unification of rock & roll with folk and pop. With full arrangements and rich, poetic lyrics Max creates deep, sonic landscapes that reveal truths of love, adversity, growth. The intertwined essences bring a thoughtful and fresh new take on the singer-songwriter genre. 


Max channels the flair of Tom Petty and the eloquence of the Beat Generation’s finest to create his distinctive sound. His powerful voice, akin to Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen, draws listeners in with its raw emotion. Max tells a story with each song with rich, vulnerable tones and unbridled spirit. When Max Lockwood sings, he captures the attention of any crowd.

Max Lockwood’s debut record, “Outrider”, served as his creative writing thesis at the University of Michigan. In 2019, Max released his self-titled sophomore album which Max describes as “pop-sensible”  referring to the full and thoughtfully composed arrangements that reflect a refined maturity. The 'Max Lockwood' album is lush, featuring vocals from Lindsay Lou and Sam Cooper. Both albums hold true to the singer-songwriter approach with thoughtfully vulnerable lyrics. 

Max is also the front man for The Insiders, a Michigan-based Tom Petty tribute. He plays bass with one of folk’s most-loved songbirds, May Erlewine. Max resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he is continuously writing and growing as a music educator.  

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